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EXCLUSIVE: Young Author Natasha Bure Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

EXCLUSIVE: Young Author Natasha Bure Shares 10 Fun Facts With JJJ!

Get to know Natasha Bure a little better!

The 18-year-old author and singer (and daughter of Candace Cameron-Bure) just released her debut book “Let’s Be Real,” which covers topics teens face daily, including acne, friends, relationships, body confidence, and self-image.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Natasha Bure

“Whether it’s boyfriends, faith, stress, body image, or having fun, my view is to simply be honest, simply be real, no matter what we face, including life’s roadblocks,” Natasha said about the book.

Check out 10 fun facts Natasha shared with us:

1. Music and singing is my first love.

2. One time I cut 10 inches of my hair off without telling my parents I was going to.

3. Sushi is my favorite food. I eat it at least 3 times a week.

4. When I’m listening to songs in the car, I have to belt them as loud as I can and dance. No exceptions.

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EXCLUSIVE: The Quad's Jake Allyn Had to Audition 7 Times, & More Fun Facts!

EXCLUSIVE: The Quad's Jake Allyn Had to Audition 7 Times, & More Fun Facts!

Get to know Jake Allyn a little better with these 10 fun facts!

He stars as BoJohn Folsom, the quaterback on BET’s The Quad, which follows students and administrators at Georgia A&M, a fictitious HBCU (Historically Black College or University).

The season finale is set to air Wednesday, March 29 so be sure to tune in!

Check out 10 facts Jake shared with us:

1. I am also a screenwriter. I wrote two films in 2016, Ex-Patriot is a CIA thriller set in Colombia and Forsaken is a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth set in a small town in modern day Oklahoma.

2. I had to audition for my series regular role on BET’s The Quad seven different times! I even had to show the BET executives I could throw the football in an alley behind BET headquarters.

3. I played football through college. I was a receiver for Cornell University.

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EXCLUSIVE: Go Behind-the-Scenes of Noah Urrea's Epic Sweet Sixteen!

EXCLUSIVE: Go Behind-the-Scenes of Noah Urrea's Epic Sweet Sixteen!

Happy birthday to our favorite up-and-coming singer Noah Urrea!

The super cute entertainer celebrated his Sweet Sixteen with all of his closest friends on Sunday (March 27) at the Avalon in Hollywood and JJJ was there to get the scoop!

Did we mention that it was all being filmed for MTV’s My Super Sweet 16!?

Noah made his grand entrance in a vintage car with his friend Brec Bassinger and headed straight for the red carpet where tons of press were waiting to interview him about his bday and new EP “Always.”

Other guests included Jace Norman, Rio Mangini, Lilimar, Olivia Sanabia, Thomas Barbusca, Storm Reid and Kyla Drew.

After the red carpet, JJJ exclusively headed into the party where there was tons of dancing, candy, ice cream, a photo booth and even a stellar performance from Noah!

At the end of the night, Noah‘s parents surprised him with the guitar that he’s been wanting for three years!

What an epic night!!

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EXCLUSIVE: Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke & Normani Kordei Sing 'The Little Mermaid' Songs Backstage in Tokyo!

EXCLUSIVE: Fifth Harmony's Ally Brooke & Normani Kordei Sing 'The Little Mermaid' Songs Backstage in Tokyo!

Ally Brooke and Normani Kordei‘s voices are ah-mazing!!!

The two Fifth Harmony singers showed off their vocal ranges backstage ahead of their concert in Tokyo, by singing “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.

This was all a part of Ally‘s Instagram Story Takeover on JJJ.

Later on, Ally hit up Twitter to thank 5H fans and to say goodbye to Japan for now.

“I am really going to miss you, Japan. You are so special and make me so so so so soooooo happy. I love you I love you. DAISUKI,” she wrote.

Check out Ally Brooke’s entire IG Story Takeover below!

Ally Brooke Instagram Story Takeover From Tokyo

EXCLUSIVE: 'Liv & Maddie’s Joey Bragg Definitely Cried During the Last Scene

EXCLUSIVE: 'Liv & Maddie’s Joey Bragg Definitely Cried During the Last Scene

We are just a few hours away from the series finale of Liv and Maddie and we’re all prepared to cry our eyes out.

Joey Bragg did.

“It was weird because it all didn’t feel quite real until it all the shots were of?cially done,” Joey shared with JJJ about filming the final scenes. “I cried so much in rehearsal for the last scene that I was all dried up come ?lming.”

He adds, “I just kept thinking about how much I loved coming to work everyday and seeing all these people that I couldn’t fathom not doing that anymore.”

And if you’d ask if Joey would want to do it all over again, he would.

“Of course I would. Time of my life. I wouldn’t change a second,” he says. “Sure it wasn’t all sunshine and mouse ears but those not as good times made the great times even brighter.”

Joey added, “If I was stuck in a groundhog day scenario I would want to do the most recent ‘Ex-A-Rooney’. I got to be two different bad asses and do a handful of cool action rolls. What more could I ask for?”

Liv and Maddie’s Joey Bragg Knows Exactly Where Joey Rooney Is in 10 Years

Liv and Maddie’s Joey Bragg Knows Exactly Where Joey Rooney Is in 10 Years

Joey Rooney has grown up a lot over four seasons on Liv and Maddie, and actor Joey Bragg has a good idea of where he’ll be in 10 years time.

“I would keep it realistic but seeing who is currently in the white House I am going off the assumption that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!” Joey jokes with JJJ.

He continues, “I think Joey Rooney is going into his fifth year as a cast-member on SNL but is leaving to go protect the city of New York with his newfound superpowers.”

That’s a good prediction!

Speaking of his new SNL cast member status, Joey also opened up about how big the stand-up debut storyline was for him personally.

“[It meant] The world,” he shares. “Our show runners Ron and John were at the forefront of making this happen. When they approached me to write ten minutes, I was elated but nervous.”

“You never know how it’s gonna translate to a different platform not to mention I can’t see the audience the material was written for. I think it turned out really well thanks to our director Chris Poulos.”

So what’s really in the future for Joey Bragg? Click inside to find out! More Here! »

'School of Rock' Actor Lance Lim Stars In New 'American Girl Story' Movie!

'School of Rock' Actor Lance Lim Stars In New 'American Girl Story' Movie!

If you’ve ever watched School of Rock on Nickelodeon, you are already in deep like with Lance Lim.

But, did you know that he’s in a brand new movie, with Bunk’D‘s Nina Lu called An American Girl Story – Ivy & Julie 1976: A Happy Balance?!

In the new movie, which is available on Amazon Prime now, Ivy is forced to choose between her passion for gymnastics and her familial obligations when the big meet she’s excited for is scheduled on the same night as her family’s Chinese New Year dinner, while BFF Julie must deal with her parent’s not-so-cordial divorce.

“It was such a blast getting to work with so many talented Asian-American actors and taking on a different role,” Lance tells us of his part as Andrew Ling.

Learn 10 Fun Facts about Lance before going to check out the new movie!

  • 1) I love swimming. Although I can’t go as often as I would love to anymore, it’s one of my secret hobbies.
  • 2) I know I play guitar on School of Rock and many people think I don’t play guitar in real life, but yes I do! It’s mostly what I do in my free time!
  • 3) Bowling is one of my great passions to do when I’m not working! I have my own bowling ball and everything!
  • 4) I discovered Michael Jackson when I was seven, which is what sparked my passion for singing at such a young age.
  • 5) My favorite food is sushi! I have loved it ever since I was young.
  • 6) I started acting when I was nine after a director scouted me at one of my musical performances at church.
  • 7) My favorite artist is John Mayer. He is an inspiration to me as an all-around musician.
  • 8) My celeb crush is Margot Robbie! I find her to be such a talented actress as well as a beautiful woman!
  • 9) I love extremely spicy food…I always try to eat the hottest things to test my limits!
  • 10) I’m on a show called School Of Rock! So, if you’re not already watching, go and check it out on Nickelodeon.

  • Ivy & Julie 1976 – A Happy Balance
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    ‘Liv & Maddie’s Showrunners Share First Impressions of Dove Cameron, Joey Bragg & Tenzing Norgay Trainor

    Dove Cameron, Tenzing Norgay Trainor and Joey Bragg make up one of our favorite sibling groups ever, so it’s no wonder that they totally impressed for their auditions for the show.

    “This is my favorite story ever,” John D. Beck says before sharing how Joey entered their world. “Joey Rooney was an incredibly difficult part to cast because we needed to find somebody who was not the typical kid…not a cool kid, not a nerd, but something we termed as confidently awkward.”

    “He was sitting in the lobby and I made a note in my mind to make sure we saw him because I thought he was going to be the kid we needed for Joey,” he continues. “He walked in and the first words Joey Bragg took a look at Ron, who kind of does look a little like Joey Bragg, with the glasses, but isn’t thing like Joey is.”

    “The first words he ever said to us were ‘Hey, you look exactly like I’ll look in a few years if I make a lot of bad life choices’. I was like, ‘This is my guy. You don’t have to say another word. You got the part as far as I’m concerned’. He did nail the part.”

    Click inside to read what John and Ron shared about Tenzing, Dove, Kali Rocha and Benjamin King…

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